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Professional Cleaning and Restoration Services

What to Expect

Rainbow International - Serving Monounth and Ocean County N.J. with all Water, Fire, Smoke Damage, Home Restoration, and Carpet Cleaning needs.

World Class Customer Service

Our 17 step protocol ensures that the customer's expectations are exceeded! For example:
  • Clean-cut service professionals with a friendly smile
  • Honest, dependable and always working with your best interest at heart
  • Knowledgeable and trained in the latest restoration and cleaning techniques and equipment
  • IICRC certified in water restoration
  • Uniforms & personal I.D. badges
  • A Rainbow floor mat means he has something to wipe his feet on even if you don't
  • Waterproof shoe protectors used in all homes to keep your house clean
  • Restoration process thoroughly explained
  • Photos & documentation provided
  • Up front pricing

What to Expect - Restoration

Rainbow International Service Professionals are trained on current procedures, such as Rapid Structural Drying, to dry your entire structure as quickly as possible, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Moisture meters are used to locate moisture that may not be visible or may be hidden behind walls or cabinets, so that our Service Professionals can ensure that all wet materials are dry. Because we understand how important it is to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water, smoke, or fire damage, you can rely on Rainbow International to provide emergency response and quick professional service 24-hours a day.

What to Expect – Carpet Cleaning

Your Service Professional must be willing to take the time to pre-inspect carpet in all areas that need cleaning. They must identify the carpets' construction and fiber, evaluate individual needs and recommend an appropriate cleaning method or procedure. Most cleaning-related problems can be prevented by an accurate pre-inspection and explanation. Your customer should expect their carpet to be cleaned by a trained, conscientious Service Professional, backed by quality equipment and procedures. The technician is the key to quality results and a satisfied customer - not a particular method, machine or process.

A Pre-Vacuumed Carpet

All carpet must be pre-vacuumed carefully by the technician before other cleaning techniques are employed, even if you have vacuumed before the technician arrived. Insist on the carpet being pre-vacuumed by the technician. Your carpet will react better with the cleaning method if excess soils are absent. Special emphasis should be placed on vacuuming major entry areas where these soils accumulate.

Furniture Moving

Unless clearly specified otherwise, moving furniture to access and clean the carpet underneath should be considered as part of the normal cleaning job. Items such as fish tanks, waterbeds, loaded china cabinets, computers, or extremely delicate or fragile furnishings (pianos, antiques) are considered exceptions. All furniture should be placed in its original position. The technician should place the furniture on protective tabs or blocks.

Spots and Stains

Special attention to spots and stains must be included in normal job performance. However, time-consuming specialized spotting of quantities of spilled materials or prolonged effort on color-added spots may incur an additional charge. The technician should advise you of additional charges before extensive spotting procedures are undertaken.

Dried and Returned to Normal Use

It is the cleaner's responsibility, with the consumer's cooperation, to insure that the carpet is dried and returned to normal use within a reasonable time frame. The amount of time required for drying will vary with different methods, the degree of soiling, and the aggressiveness of cleaning. However, under no circumstances should carpet drying require more than twenty-four (24) hours with proper ventilation. Most mold and mildew begins to grow within 24 to 72 hours at temperatures between 68°-86 ° which is the temperature of most indoor environments. Therefore it is important that the carpet be dried as quickly as possible. Make sure you follow the technician’s instructions in providing continuous airflow and/or ventilation to expedite the drying process.


All cleaning and specialty agents and equipment used before, during, and after cleaning should be in strict accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and appropriate safety regulations. The technician should keep the cleaning area safe and they will warn you of any potential hazards, especially the potential of slipping on wet surfaces.

Residue Free

Technicians should put forth every effort to physically remove as much soil as possible from carpet during cleaning. Further, technicians must take steps to leave fibers as residue-free as possible to prevent accelerated re-soiling.

Clean Work Site

Your home should be left clean and in the same condition as it was before the technician arrived, if not cleaner. This would include the area in which the technician was cleaning, the area the van was parked, and the area in which any products were mixed. All wastewater will be disposed of according to local regulations.

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