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Spot and Stain Removal

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Today’s carpets have built-in protection against most spots and stains, making cleanup easy and quick. As a carpet ages, this protection wears off, making removal of spills more difficult.

Some spills, such as hot drinks or pet urine, can break through the protective finishes on brand new carpets, causing stains that are difficult to remove. Color-added spots such as Kool-Aid™, mustard or red wine can actually dye your carpet fibers and are very difficult to remove.

Your Rainbow Service Professional has a full arsenal of spot removal products to assist in removing even the most difficult stains. Some Rainbow locations have Service Professionals on staff who are capable of repairing stains where color has been removed such as bleach stains or peroxides from acne medications.

In situations where the stain is permanent, your Rainbow Service Professional may be able to section in a new piece of carpet in place of the damaged piece without having to replace the entire carpet.

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